B3 - 2012

B3 - 2012
What a spunky bunch of tamariki!

B3 - 2012

Kia Ora, we are the brilliant bunch from B3, 2012. We are made up of 13 girls and 14 boys who are in Years 3 and 4. We are happy to be back at school, we love being in B3 and are excited about the school year.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Possum and Dan the Puppet Man

This is the puppet man and Possum. Possum is rapping about being careful when crossing the road. He says to look right then left then right again and listen out of your ear. You then walk across to the other side when the road is clear. He raps about his friend Pickle who got squashed on the road because he didn't look right and left. We think Possum was awesome at rapping.

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